Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maternity to (Somewhat) Twirly

I am super pumped about this one, Friends.  See, I had this maternity shirt that I really liked.  I actually wore it with all four (oh my goodness, four!) of my pregnancies, but it was getting really funky stains in the underarms.  I'm not sure why, but the fabric was bleeding red there, but absolutely no where else.

Anyways, the fabric was so cute and I had such sentimental attachment to it that I couldn't give it up.  So I cut it up!  Yes I did!  And my very first ever recon totally worked.  So now H has a cute, but not quite twirly enough sundress to wear this summer.  Can you tell I'm pumped?  Anyways here's a photo montage of how it (mostly) went down.
First I cut off the bodice.
Then I used a pattern piece from a dress that I like and cut off the sleeves and shaped the armholes.
Now here is where I should have a lot of pictures of me trying it on H and her panicking that the pins are going to stick her.  We did this step multiple times until the fit was ok.  Then I gathered the bottom part that I had already cut off and attached it to the bodice.  

Cute, free and fun!  Just not as twirly as she would like.  She even asked if I could make it any twirlier.  Sadly, I had used it all up!  See, even the side ties turned into cute little shoulder ties.  :)

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