Monday, July 12, 2010

Shirt, Shirt, Shirt

I have been wanting to play around with my embroidery machine lately, so I got it out the other day and went to town on some shirts for the kids.  First I made one for E, the little girl across the street.  Her mom had gotten me a pack of t-shirts and I promised her I'd give her one with something cute on it.  Minnie worked out great!  :)
Mickey for G.

Mario for J.

H's is a work in progress.  It's embroidered, but I want to make it into a dress.  The shirt is just too big right now, so I want to recon it a little bit.

Also, just to make you laugh, the first day J wore his shirt he was in the bathroom washing his hands before lunch and looking at himself in the mirror.  He was singing "Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario Shirt!"  over and over and over.  (He's a big fan.)  It was priceless.  Future Mario wizard, anyone?! 

Friday, July 9, 2010

"Min"-ity Dress

Yesterday I posted about an infinity dress I made for a friend.  I was looking at the extra fabric and realized I had enough for a mini sized one for H.  So I thought it might be fun for her, plus it would show how cute the dress is on, versus just on the hanger.  She loves it.  So nice and cool and comfy.  She wore it to church on the 4th and stayed nice and cool. 
Here's a few pics.
And a shot of her "posing".
I swear she thinks she's 15, not 5.  We are in trouble.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Infinity Dress

When my sister Karen got married this past fall I volunteered to make the bridesmaid dresses.  They turned out really cute and comfy.  Perfect for Vegas!  I posted some pictures on my facebook page and a friend of mine asked me to make her one.  So last week I made one for her.  She requested black.  Sadly, the pictures do not do it any justice at all.  It has really long straps that are meant to be tied all different ways.  Hence "infinity" dress.  It looks like nothing on the hanger, but then can be strapless, halter, tank, etc. depending on how you tie the straps.  Here are a few more pics.

My friend really liked it and it fit great!  Hopefully she'll have some fun times in this dress.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jammy time!

On Wednesday June 30 we went to Cuff's Berry Farm for some strawberry pickin'.  It was a blast!  The kids did great.  H picked an entire quart herself, and the boys did a great job eating the fresh strawberries. 
Then on Thursday while the boys were napping H and I made our first ever strawberry freezer jam.  Numsters!
I'm already wishing for next year when we can go without a huge belly, and another little person to eat strawberries galore.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Boy Blue Hat

I promised J that I would make him a hat just like I did for the other two.  So I started on a hat from the same book again.  It was a quick one and I really enjoyed it, but as I was finishing up the pattern I thought it looked a little small.  Not small around, but short.  And sure enough, when I tried it on him it was not quite right. I actually finished this a couple of weeks ago, but just got around to taking a picture of it.  It has a cute cable right down the front and will match his navy blue winter jacket pretty well I think. 

But its so short that it doesn't quite cover his ears.  That just won't work here in Wisconsin.  So I've already cast on another one just like it.  I'll just make it a little bit longer this time! :)

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Crafty Friday #4

Sandcastles!!  Normally at this time of year we would all be heading to Michigan to build some real sandcastles at my Mom's cottage.  However nothing is getting this preggie girl into a car for 10 hours.  :)

So we made some fun sandcastles here at home with pretty colored sand instead.  The kids loved this project!  I think it was their favorite one so far.  Definitely messy, certainly fun.  They got to glue and shake and pour sand.  I'll probably find sand everywhere later, but that's ok.

We started by drawing pictures of castles onto cardboard.  (Cereal boxes cut up, if you want to know).  J had a little trouble, so H offered to help with his. He insisted that his was a Robot Castle, by the way.  No girly princesses for him, thankyouverymuch.

Next I outlined their drawing with glue.  Just good old Elmer's.

Then we poured and shook the colorful art sand in little trays.  They LOVED this part.  And it was pretty fun to see what they wanted to be each color.

Then I let them add more glue after their pictures were pretty full.  They also wanted to do another one right away so I let them just go to town with the glue without drawing first.  The free form ones were cute, too.  H informed us that hers was Confetti.
The final products turned out really pretty.  Not as fun as a real sandcastle at the beach, but pretty good for a Crafty Friday project!  :)

H's Castle and Sun.
J's Robot Castle.

I have a feeling I'll get a request to do this one again.  It was certainly a success!