Monday, July 12, 2010

Shirt, Shirt, Shirt

I have been wanting to play around with my embroidery machine lately, so I got it out the other day and went to town on some shirts for the kids.  First I made one for E, the little girl across the street.  Her mom had gotten me a pack of t-shirts and I promised her I'd give her one with something cute on it.  Minnie worked out great!  :)
Mickey for G.

Mario for J.

H's is a work in progress.  It's embroidered, but I want to make it into a dress.  The shirt is just too big right now, so I want to recon it a little bit.

Also, just to make you laugh, the first day J wore his shirt he was in the bathroom washing his hands before lunch and looking at himself in the mirror.  He was singing "Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario, Mario Shirt!"  over and over and over.  (He's a big fan.)  It was priceless.  Future Mario wizard, anyone?! 


  1. Hey Sarah,

    Not sure what you have planned for H's t-shirt, but when my sisters and I were little my mom made us "t-shirt dresses". She took an over-sized t-shirt and added two to three ruffles (depending on how long you need to make it) in a coordinating fabric to the bottom of the t-shirt. They turned out pretty cute and were all the rage with jelly shoes:).

    BTW - where do you get your embroidery patterns? I'm too cheap to buy the cartridges and am always looking for some good "free" websites.

    Happy Crafting!
    Kim Powell

  2. Thanks for liking my label on the crafterhours blog!

    And, when I saw your blog, I went 'NO!!' Check out to see why :)

    Have a great rest of the week!